• The best new games and apps for Android

    If you are looking for new apps and games to try this weekend, you have reached the right place. As we have done on Fridays of each week during the last months , once again we go in search of the best news that have landed on Google Play and more @ bestappsclub.com in the last days .


    Mejores juegos y apps nuevos de la semana del 11 de noviembre






    After a long wait, Disney + has finally arrived ... more or less. The streaming video platform of the entertainment giant has begun to be available in some countries, and as a good service of this type, it could not be missing its Android app .


    Outist – Meet New People, Explore New Places


    Outist wants to become your new favorite tool to meet new people, and places you've never seen . It is an app that gathers people, locals and travelers in one place, to offer recommendations of places to visit, dates of interesting events and more.


    1Gallery: Photo gallery and vault (ENCRYPTED)


    At the time, we selected Today Weather as one of our favorite Android applications , for offering a fantastic design, added to a different way of offering weather information. That is why we are glad to know that its creator returns now with 1Gallery, a new free gallery app that stands out for offering an encrypted trunk in which to store our photos and videos securely.


    The app has the characteristic design of this developer: clean, clear and easy to use. In addition, it has light and dark themes , and an integrated image editor.




    Soul Chase: Another World


    The first selected title this week is Soul Chase: Another World , an action game that promises to revive the essence of retro titles . In it, we will choose our knight, improve his skills and fight with monsters and bosses who will not make it easy for us.




    “ Once the hitmen have eliminated their objective, someone has to clean up the mess. That's you. "That is how clear its creators leave us the mission of this new game just arrived on Android , an adventure in which we put ourselves in the shoes of the" cleaning agent "of a secret government division. Our goal will be to get rid of the bodies and eliminate all evidence without raising suspicion.


    Deeprealm Odyssey - Adventure game


    Despite being still under development, Deeprealm Odyssey promises to be one of the biggest releases this year. In this action game we accompany a warrior fox for his adventure in the abyss, fighting enemies and overcoming various obstacles.

    At the moment, some of the functions of the game are not available, but they will arrive with future updates.

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